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Welcome to the homepage for RGB Laser Projector Design Guide.

Anyone wishing to learn how to build their own custom Laser Lumia wheel or Liquid sky laser scanner special effects

please follow the links below for  free Instructions and newsletters on the latest in lasers, science and technology.

If you wish to learn how to design and build your own laser projector then please purchase my ebook
" RGB Laser Projector Design Guide"  by following the same links for the free giveaways below.

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Thanks for your time and come back often. You never know what you might find for free.

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Link to  Free Lumia Wheel download

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Direct link to buy my E-Book "RGB Laser Projector Design Guide"

Link to New E-book " How to Make a Wireless,
Brainwave Activated, Laser Lumia Effects RGV Projector "

NEW Awerora RGV64000 Lumia Laser Projector video performance.

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